Friday, April 8, 2016

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Although I had only turned sixteen, I had often fantasized about my older sister. She was much older than me, by a few years but she was so pretty and free youporn always had the boys staring at her. Most of them though, it wasn’t her face they were looking at, but the size of her tits. She had such beautiful large tits that bounced around as she walked anywhere. Men drooled over her, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who fantasized over her.

For a long time I used to just glaze over her from a distance. She never knew I watched her, or at least I don’t think she ever found out I stared at her so much. Although occasionally she did used to tease me a little, she often bent over and made sure my attention was focused on her big soft bouncing tits which swung side to side in quite often low cut T-shirts or tops.

One day, while I was at home, and our mother had gone out for a few hours, I had heard my sister talking downstairs with someone, she wasn’t aware I had stayed home that day. I crept out of my bedroom and to the top of the landing where I looked over. Although I couldn’t see who it was she was talking to, I could see my sister curled up on our sofa talking. From high up I had a good view of her cleavage. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was as I stood there, my eyes fixated on my sisters big tits under her top which showed so much on offer to the guys.

I could see the soft velvet purple type bra she was wearing underneath from the side. I had guessed that it must be a struggle for the bra to keep those two big beauties at bay inside and hidden away for most of the day. I almost drooled right there as I looked down on these two soft mounds of flesh that she got to see and play with every day. Not only that, but she was wearing what looked like some tight hugging leather trousers which showed off her slender and sexy legs. Right there and then, only one thing was on my mind. I wanted to jerk off over her, I knew it was wrong, I knew it was bad, but just looking at her made my cock hard.

I almost went to grab my cock and pull it out when it happened. I couldn’t hear exactly why or the reasons. But suddenly, my sister started to take off her T-shirt she had on. She pulled it up and over her top exposing the soft velvet purple bra underneath.

I gulped, almost a little too hard as my eyes almost bulged out of my head looking down at this feast, this marvel of a woman’s body that was unravelling in front of me. I had imagined and thought about what it would be like to suckle on those big soft tits of hers, to have my lips wrapped around them and suck on them long and hard and make her nipples hard, but it was always a fantasy, a dream of mine.
As I stood from above looking down, she placed her top to one side as I looked at the large cleavage that was exposed out in the open. I wondered what it would be like to run my cock through her tits, sliding it up and down, in and out through her cleavage of her heaving bosom. To ram it back and forth and titty-fuck those big beautiful large titties of my sisters.

My hand had already moved down to my trousers by now. I wanted to jerk off, I couldn’t imagine it any other way as I stood and watched my sister put on a show for me. I’m not sure if she knew I was still around, or wether it was planned in some way in a hope I may have been watching, but I was and she did put on a great show for me.

Her hands moved around the back of her bra, towards the catch located around her back as my eyes opened wider. I could see what was coming, I had an idea what I was about to see. For the first time in my life, not only was I going to see a pair of tits in real life, but those big soft tits belonged to my own sister. I waited with anticipation and much drool almost slipping from my wide open mouth.

They looked magnificent. To be fair, I hadn’t seen a real pair of tits before in my life, but just staring at my sister’s big soft bouncing tits was out of this world for me. I stared down hard at them, the softness of her skin as they bounced softly upon their own against her young firm body.

The nipples on her tits were already growing hard and pointy. I had wondered how her tits had looked for years, and now I didn’t have to imagine anymore. The soft color to her areola’s that surrounded the hard nipples which pointed out on each breast. The two big bouncing tits released into the wild to roam free.
I licked my lips and imagined my face buried between them, squashing her soft tits against me, slapping my face against them and holding them in my hand. Being able to hold those two beautiful large tits in my smaller hands, to squeeze and feel the flesh of my own sister in my hands.

The things I would do to her, the thoughts running wild through my mind as I watched her sat there for what seemed like an eternity but was only for a few seconds. To wrap my lips on them, suck on each soft mounds of her flesh of her tits in my mouth. To suck those big beautiful tits, to use my tongue and flick it against her hard firm nipple and wet them both.

My cock was growing hard, as I stared at my own topless sister in the room below not knowing I was watching her. My own hand rubbing up and down against my cock as it grew harder in my trousers. It wanted to be released, it needed to be jerked off. I had jerked off a lot since I discovered about masturbation, and most of that time it was jerking off over my own flesh and blood. My sister’s naked body as I laid in bed with her, kissing her and sucking on her tits and eating her pussy out in my own head.

Those few seconds was what I thought was the best moment in my whole young life. To see my sister’s tits shown to me, not on purpose but by accident maybe as she stripped off without her knowing I was watching from above and rubbing myself off over her.

Those moments still stick in my mind, as she grabbed her top once more and put it back on her body. Her tits were soon covered up once more, to my disappointment but overall it was an experience to remember.
Even with her top back in place, and covering those magnificent large tits of her once more, they still showed so much on offer. The large gaping cleavage showing as she pulled down her top to make sure her tits were still the center of her attention to anyone who may look at her.

She went back to talking to her friend again, as I stared down from above at her cleavage and those tits on display in some way. I needed to jerk off, badly as I had tried to hard to keep it in. My hand was rubbing my cock hard back and forth under my trousers. My breathing was a little heavier and I felt maybe too much as I knew it was time I left, before she or whoever would notice I had been watching her.
It was then I went off to my room once more, pulled out my cock and jerked off hard and fast. It didn’t take me long, as my cum splashed out all over the carpet in my bedroom leaving a small pool of creamy white mess stained upon it. I didn’t care though, the only thing in my mind was hatching a plan to see more. I knew what I had to do, I had to hide in her room and hopefully catch her coming in and stripping off so I could see more. I wanted more after what I had seen, and no one was going to stop me.

Later that day, I did was I had planned. I sneaked into her bedroom while I heard her downstairs. I could hear she was saying goodbye to her friend and was planning to come upstairs. I went in her room, it always smelt nice, the sweet scent of her perfume inside her bedroom lit it up and much nicer to smell in than my own stinking male testosterone bedroom of cum and sweat.

I hid myself away in her bathroom and watched as she entered, walking past me as I kept out of sight and walked around to the side of her bed. It didn’t take long for it to happen. I tried to stay calm, as my heart beat faster and harder inside. Moments after she entered, she began to strip off once more.

She pulled her top up and pulled it over her body and dropped it on her bed as she stood there, her two magnificent large tits on full display once more. The soft perfect skin of her upper body, her stomach, with the cute little belly button, and the two soft mounds of flesh bouncing around on display.

She stood there, unknowing I was watching, hidden away from view as I peaked around the corner to spy on my own sister in her naked flesh. She picked up some leaflet and looked at it, raising one of her legs on the bed and showing off the shapely slender legs underneath the black leather trousers she was wearing.
My cock was already starting to grow hard as I watched her standing there, topless for me. Her nipples were still hard in the cold breeze as it caught them. Her tits softly bouncing around on their own against her naked body. She seemed to act like it was so natural for her to have her tits on display like this. To be out and free in the open. I knew she wasn’t ashamed of her tits and used them to her advantage, but she seemed so calm about walking around topless at home.... Then.. I made a noise ......

My heart seemed to skip a beat, I froze still as she screamed out at me as she saw me. “What the... What the fuck are you doing in my bedroom. I thought you had gone out with mom. Come out of there now.” She called out to me. I was unsure at first what to do, but I stepped out of her bedroom. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, my heart pounded inside my body.

I stood still and silent for a moment, as my sister tried to cover her big soft tits with her hands and arms. It was difficult due to the large size of them, but she did the best she could as I gulped and tried to explain or make something up. “Sorry sis, I was... I was.. I was just looking for something.” I tried to say as best I could in my state of mind of total complete panic.

“What? You won’t find anything of yours in here. Oh my God. Were you spying on me? You were weren’t you? You were hiding in there and waiting for me to come in and take my clothes off. Fuck. Your a fucking perv that’s what you are little brother. I can’t believe my own brother is a fucking perv spying on his big sister to getting naked. I’m gonna tell mom when she comes home. Your in so much trouble you are. Fucking perv.” She called me out.

“No please. It was an accident. I didn’t mean to, it’s just....” I tried to stop her, anything to make her not tell our mother about my sick little actions of watching her. “Please. I’ll do anything sis. Anything just don’t tell mom. PLEASE!” I called to her in total desperation. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but she looked at me and suddenly started to remove her arms, revealing her tits to me all over again but this time not even one hint of embarrassment from her.

“You’ll do anything you say? Really?” She asked me, with a glint of something in her eye. “Hmm, yes. Please don’t tell mom. She’ll kill me.” I pleaded again. “Alright, I won’t tell mom. But I need something in return. And if you don’t I will tell her, understand?”

I was unsure of what she wanted from me. Scared a little and knowing full well that if I didn’t do what she asked me to do then she would tell our mother and I would be dead. I couldn’t stop staring though at her tits. She didn’t care that these big beautiful soft and extremely large tits were out in the open, or that her own brother was in the room and she was sat there topless with them both out and roaming free on display.

Her hard nipples looked so delicious and tasty to suck on, as her tits bounced gently against her soft skin of her young tight body. “Oh my God. Are you staring at my tits. You are aren’t you. Fucking hell. You big perv. Your staring at your own sister’s tits. What’s wrong, haven’t you ever seen a pair of tits before?” She asked me as I gulped and stared at them still, trying to take my eyes off her tits was so hard. “Sorry sis. Hmm, actually no I haven’t sis. Not like, in real life. I mean on the internet I have seen some tits, but not like up close and real.” I told her, a little ashamed of saying it as my cheeks turned a slight red.

“Hahahaha. Your a perv little brother. I can’t believe you’ve never seen a pair of real tits before. Your sixteen, you should be out there fucking some girls by now. Your always in your room though and I know what your doing in there, I can hear you in your bedroom every night jerking yourself off. You do don’t you. You pull out your cock and jerk it off every night. I bet your thinking of my big firm tits aren’t you. I bet you jerk off imagining your titty-fucking them. Ramming that little pathetic cock of yours up and down between them.” She told me, almost turning me on with her display of language in a sexual way.

“Is this what you want little bro. You want me to shake my titties for you up and down. Do you like that eh? Do you like your big sister shaking her tits in front of you Look at them, all big and natural. Just waiting for someone to suck on them, to make my nipples all hard and slap their big hard cock between them and titty-fuck me. HAHAHAH. Look at your face, you sick perv.”

“This what you want isn’t it little brother. You want to touch my big firm tits in your hands don’t you. Look at me, touching myself, I can do it whenever I want. I can run my hands all over my tits and over the soft skin of my naked body whenever I want to. Mmmm, it’s feels so nice to play with my big firm titties. Do you like that little brother, do you like your sister playing with herself for you. HAHAHA. The face on you. You sick little perv. My own brother the perv watching his own sister touch herself.” She told me as she laughed and joked about it.

“Your the one stood here topless aren’t you.” I told her trying to call her bluff. “Maybe, but this is my bedroom, It’s alright for me to walk around naked in my own bedroom. Your in my room though. And look at that. Oh My God. Is that.... FUCK. You have a hard on don’t you. I don’t believe it. This is brilliant, I really have you now little brother. I can’t believe how lucky I am. Not only can I tell mom I caught you spying on me undressing, but I can also tell her that you had a hard on as well. HAHAHA. I have your balls over the barrel now bro. Your gonna do whatever I want now if you don’t want me to tell mom about how sick you are.” She said to me, as I winced in embarrassment.

“It’s not my fault I have a fucking hard on is it. Your the one who’s teasing me and showing me her tits and that!” I said to her. “Aww, is my little brother getting all worried now. Well you should be. Go on then...” she said to me. “What?” I asked. “Take it out. Go on. Take your cock out for me. I wanna see it. I wanna see how pathetic it is. It look’s so small in there. Come on, I don’t have all day. If you don’t want me to tell mom then you’ll have to show me your cock.” She taunted me. I did what was needed.

I unzipped and pulled out my cock. It wasn’t huge but not too small either, and still getting hard as I held it in my hand. “Fuck. Look at it, it’s minute. Oh my God. Wait till I tell my friends about how small your cock is. HAHAHA! I know what I can do to help you!”

“Here you go. Maybe this will help you a little bit. You wanna see more don’t you. Here’s my nice long legs and my panties. I bet you wish you could sniff my panties don’t you little brother. HAHA, your such a perv. I bet you wanna touch my panties don’t you. I bet you wish you could rub your cock against my panties. HAHAHA. Mmm, my panties are so wet right now. I bet you have stolen my panties and worn them yourself haven’t you, you little perv.” She teased me.

I stood there, my cock in my hand and watched as she stripped off her leather trousers and showed me her velvet purple colored panties and her long slender shaped legs. I licked my lips as I watched her, as her tits swung side to side as she pulled down her trousers and slid them off her body. The thought of standing behind her right now and slamming my cock deep up inside of her from behind crept into my head.

“Mmm, Is this what you want you little perv. You wanna see your big sister in all her naked glory don’t you. Well your not going to. HAHA. Your such a little perv bro. I can’t believe I’m living with a perv like you. You have to do anything for me now or I’ll tell mom about you spying on me and having a hard on. Mmm, what do I want you to do, let me think” she said as she placed one leg up on her bed and posed for a moment.

I stared at her panties, the soft sweet aroma scent of her pussy was flowing out into the open air, as I could see the shapely curves of her pussy lips through the softness of her panties. She stood there, still thinking of how she was going to punish me for watching her undress. I was unsure of what she wanted from me. Although she acted like I was a perv, she teased me, and stripped off herself. Maybe she liked it, maybe she wanted this to happen, and maybe she was getting off herself at me standing in front of her with my cock out in my hand. “I know what I want you to do. Your gonna do it or else I’ll tell mom about you!”

“Your gonna do what you do best little bro. Your gonna jerk off in front of me.” She told me almost with a glint of a smile of pleasure in her face. “WHAT!” I called out to her as I heard her say it. “You heard me. Your gonna take that little pathetic cock of yours, and your gonna wank it off for me. Go on. NOW. I’m not waiting bro. You better do this or I’ll tell mom about you and your sick little perv ways. Come on. WANK IT” She called to me.

I took hold of my cock, wrapping my fingers around it and began to stroke it. My cock was already hard and it didn’t take more than a few more strokes before it got harder and harder. I jerked it, hard but not too fast at first. Inside, I had a slight guilty pleasure to what was happening. I had masturbated over my sister lots of times, but always in my own room and to myself, I had never thought I would have a chance to jerk off this close to her. And more importantly, to do it with her approval or making me jerk off over her.

“For fuck sake. Come on will you bro. Put some work into it. Sniff my panties, go on, take a whiff of my pussy. I bet that will make your cock harder. HAHAHA. Your a perv. How about if I give you a little more encouragement bro. I bet you wanna see your sister’s tight young ass don’t you. I bet you wish you could slap it. Well maybe this will help you!” She told me as she started to turn around.
Her tight young ass was on full display to me. Her thong panties tightly snapped up between her ass cheeks. She ran her soft hands across her ass cheeks, caressing her ass softly. “Mmm, my ass feels to good in my hands bro. I bet you wish you could spank it don’t you. I bet you wanna slam that little pathetic cock of yours in between my ass cheeks don’t you. HAHAHA. Your suck a fucking perv bro. Go on. Jerk it harder. Geez, don’t you even know how to jerk yourself off right. Come on, we don’t have long. Mom will be home soon and I want you to finish up before she gets home or else I’m gonna call her up to see what you do.”

“Mmm, I love touching myself little bro. I bet you wanna touch your big sister’s naked body don’t you. HAHAHA. Your never gonna touch me little bro. Never in your pathetic little life. This body is all mine to play with as I want. I’ll touch myself, play with myself and caress my naked soft skin with my hands. I’ll rub my tits all over and play with them as you watch and can’t do anything to stop me.” she teased me as she turned around and began to touch herself.

“Come on. Fucking Hell. Jerk it harder will you. We don’t have long left. Jerk it. STROKE THAT COCK OF YOURS. HAHAHA. Look at you go at it, hahaha, your sweating everywhere. Your a perv. Masturbating over your big sister. Look at you, stroking that little occk of yours standing right in front of yor big sister. You can’t even jerk it off right can you. I thought you jerked every night, come on. HARDE.R.. FASTER... MMM YES... STROKE IT FOR ME LITTLE BRO..... HAHAHAHAH!” she called to me.

She teased me more, shaking her body as her tits bounced back and forth, side to side as she laughed at me jerking my cock in my hand, faster and harder. It was rock hard as I went at it non-stop. My hand wrapped around my cock as I jerked it over and over, back and forth. My eyes fixated on my big sister’s large luscious tits.

“Oh fuck...” I called out as I stroked it harder and faster. “HAHHA, are you enjoying yourself little bro. You’d better be as it’s probably the last time you’ll ever see me naked again. Mom is gonna kill you if you don’t hurry up and cum. Geez, what’s taking so long, I’ve seen guys get off quicker than you. Come on. JERK IT HARDER. FUCK YOUR BIG SISTER LITTLE BRO. SLAM THAT HARD COCK DEEP UP INSIDE YOUR BIG SISTER’S WET PUSSY. HAHAHAHA. Your such a perv. I bet you get off thinking about fucking me don’t you, you sick little perv you are. HAHAHA. You jerk off in your room and wonder what it’s like to fuck your big sister don’t you. Well it’s never gonna happen do you hear me. Geez, come on bro. I know what may work...”

“There, is that better? I’m kneeling down right in front of your cock now. Is that what you wanted me to do. You want your big sister on her hands and knees in front of you as your jerk that cock of yours. HAHAHA. Such a perv. I don’t even let any guys make me get on my hands and knees so this had better be worth it do you hear me. Come on. FUCKING HELL. What’s taking so long bro? I could have got in the shower and back by now. Geez.” she told me as she dropped to her knees and placed herself in front of my body.

“Mmm, I bet you wish I would stroke it for you, don’t you little bro. HAHA. You want your big sister’s soft hands to jerk your cock for you. You want my soft skin all over your that hard cock of yours. HAHA. No way. I ain’t touching that thing, I don’t know where it’s been. Ewww. Look at it. Geez, will you hurry up and cum already. It’s taking ages and I have other things I need to do you know.” she said to me as she waited upon me.

My hand pounded my cock hard and faster, as I picked up more pace. The sight as I looked down to see my older sister on her knees on the floor in front of me as my cock jerked off just inches away from her face. I wanted her to jerk it for me, to stick it in her mouth but I knew she wouldn’t let me.

“Mmm, I can’t wait for you to shoot that big load of creamy white cum out of your cock little bro. Will you do that for me, will you give me all your cum. Mmm, it tastes so nice in my warm mouth. I love the taste of cum in my mouth, I swallow every drop you know. I like the way it slides down my throat and sticks to me. Mmm, the warm soft creamy cum is making me all wet thinking about it. HAHAHA. Geez, I can’t believe that is turning you on. I wouldn’t ever touch your cum. It probably tastes disgusting. Come on. Fucking hell. How long does it usually take you to jack yourself off. It’s nearly time for mom to be home.”

I started to grunt and groan. My cock began to pulsate in my hand as I jerked it harder and faster to please my own sister. “Oh fuck..... I’m close... Oh fuck... I’M GONNA CUM... OH MY GOD!” I almost screamed out through groans of pleasure as I stroked my cock in my hand in front of my sister.

“HAHAH. You’d better not cum over me little bro or I’ll fucking kill you. Do you hear me? You’d better not shoot that fucking icky cum of yours all over me.” she called out to me, although I couldn’t hear properly through my own groaning of lust and orgasmic pleasure building up in my body and exploding outwards.
Before I knew it, it happened. I exploded out, as my cum splurted out of the tip of my cock. I had no real control over it as it splashed out. It flew out and hit the carpet in a small pool at the side of my sister’s legs as she knelt on the floor in front of me. A second bigger spurt of cum splashed out as it splattered down onto her legs. I could see her face of disgust as it hit her and she looked down at it. “OH MY FUCKING GOD. I TOLD YOU NOT TO CUM OVER ME. I WARNED YOU!” She screamed out at me.

I started to slow down my jerking of my cock as I looked down at her and she lifted her head and pointed down at the cum stain splattered on her legs. “I fucking warned you, you fucking perv. I told you not to cum over me. Now I’m telling mom what you did. Your a fucking perv.” she said to me. My legs just about kept me stood up as I felt weak at the knees after jerking for so long.

“No please don’t.” I said to her with the best puppy dog eyes I could make to her. “I’ll not tell her on one condition. You have to clean up this mess of yours. I’m not touching it. You clean it up, and whenever I say it, you have to pull down your trousers and jerk off for me. I mean it. If you don’t I’ll tell mom.” she said. “Okay, sorry I will, I promise!” I said to her with a soft glint of a smile.